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Non-instrumental songs

2012-01-24 13:04:37 by Vojife

So yeah, I uploaded a first song, which has vocals, until now I was just programming the music in a simple, but quite useful software called Soundclub made by Bluemoon Interactive. But now I finally recorded real instruments. Well, more like one instrument, it's an acoustic song (with a guitar) called Voices (Inside My Head). It's a song about suicide, the lyrics are kinda' weird, I wrote it in 5 minutes, so...
And more are to come, I have completed all the lyrics for my future album called "Don't Scream For The Social Anxiety Disorder" and the tracklist will be "Don't", "Scream", "For The", "Social", "Anxiety" and "Disorder". Those will not be acoustic, but it might take a long time, because even though I have the lyrics, I still can't figure out the music. I only have the vocals melody in my head, which actually makes it more complicated, because the music has to fit to that... Anyway, I hope it will be soon enough. =)
(Why am I even writing this? Noone's gonna read it.)


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2012-02-04 14:26:23

i think u did a great job

Vojife responds:

Well, thank you.
I appreciate it. =)